The South African chicken outlets Nandos and Chicken Licken are not just popular for their succulent chicken but also for always pushing the limits with their adverts. 

Nandos released their most recent advert titled ‘you people’  which cause quite a stir on social media. 

The ad contains a variety of hilarious scenes in which South Africans typically stereotype one another based on their accents, habits, appearance and different tastes.

Watch the ad below:

Chicken Licken wasted no time and released their ad titled ‘Big John’. The ad imagines the world had Africans explored and colonised European countries.   

It follows a young African prince named Big John who leaves his village to explore the unknown. He eventually drifts ashore in Holland and comes upon colonisers who look ready to set sail themselves.

Watch the ad below: 

Since the release of these ad’s people have taken to Twitter to voice their opinions: 

Yoh, @NandosSA – #YouPeople make great ads…

— Brad Seaton-Smith (@BradSeatonSmith) November 27, 2018

i love the nandos #youpeople advert, shows how petty we are as humans, lmfao, if you offended by that nandos advert you dom.

— TinoSantana (@SantinoAdolph) November 28, 2018

The ad agency who does this for Nando’s is just lit. They do a better job uniting Mzansians than any commission of enquiry, political party or Dezemba track, coz mara #YouPeople need Jesus. 

— Moyopheus (@Mr_Simsz) November 26, 2018

This is THE best ad ever! Love it! 

— #AheadOfTheCurve (@mmtblh1) November 27, 2018

All this @NandosSA talk has me craving Chicken strips and perinaise at unGodly hours in NYC. First stop when I land, in 17 days, is that food court in ORT! #YouPeople #iamoneofthosepeople #salivating #woesofbeingfarfromhome

— Aliyah Olende (@aliyaholende) November 28, 2018

While others shared their thoughts on the #BigJohn ad:

At it again, welcome #TheLegendOfBigJohn 👏👏👏👏 

— *AfroDandy* (@justLumba) November 27, 2018

Great ad and reminds me of one of my favourite movies “The life of Pi” 🙌🏾 #TheLegendOfBigJohn 

— Katlego Ditlhokwe (@Flocart) November 26, 2018

Okay this is creatively dope. I endorse. #TheLegendOfBigJohn 

— Nchema (@ShottaZee) November 26, 2018

I just saw the new @ChickenLickenSA ad 😂😂😂
I gotta get me a big john

— Cashmere Thoughts (@TheeMasera) November 27, 2018

I guess you try your best on ads but I must say I don’t like the way you portray big John 😕 and whilst we still communicating maybe you guys need to put more effort on your service.

— Elizabeth Ncube (@ElizabethNcub14) November 27, 2018