Days before her highly anticipated skincare line launch, Rihanna has uploaded a video where she explains the inspiration behind Fenty Skin and why it is a must-have for all skin types. 

Fenty Skin, will officially be available to order on July 31.  

In the YouTube video the 32-year-old shares details about her skin care journey calling it quite complex. 

Rihanna admitted that ‘some parts of [her] face are oily, some are dry’ and that she often gets ‘skin fatigue from travel.’

She added: ‘Plus I have super sensitive skin, and chile now being in my 30s?!’ 

Rihanna is eager to launch her skincare range. Picture: Instagram

She said that ‘making [Fenty Skin] was a challenge’ because she felt a responsibility to ‘cover all bases and thinking of the many skin types that are out there!’

‘But y’all know I love a good challenge,’ said Rihanna cheekily.

As for the ‘the inspiration behind Fenty Skin,’ the Barbados native explained that it was all about ‘creating that foundation.’

‘Whether you want to wear makeup, light makeup, heavy makeup, whatever you prefer or are in the mood for, there is always a great foundation underneath that and THAT is the inspiration for Fenty Skin.’

Rihanna insisted that when it came down to creating the products for her line, she wanted to formulate products that ‘really work[ed].’

She also wanted the products to be packed with the ‘best ingredients,’ while still being cost efficient.

One mantra that Rihanna seems to live by is that, when it comes to a skincare regimen, ‘there are not a lot of products that you NEED.’

Instead, those who are looking to delve into the world of skincare should look to for products that ‘isolate’ the ingredients that give you the most while also not costing you too much.

‘I wanted to make [products] that are better than anything I have every used and everything I have ever encountered and everything that is on the market that has confused me.’

Rihanna added that since she is a ‘woman of color [she] has a lot of sensitivity in a lot of areas on [her] face,’ which often makes her ‘scared and cautious’ towards products. 

‘So, in developing these products I really wanted to make sure that it felt comfortable, that they were effective, credible for people who really know skincare, but also I wanted a product that worked more than anything,’ said the Umbrella hitmaker.

One product that really made Rihanna beam with pride was the sunscreen she formulated for Fenty Skin.

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky. Picture: Instagram

‘A lot of people have their own ideas about SPF and who should use it and who shouldn’t, but SPF is for everyone. Every skin tone. Every skin type. Every race,’ she emphasized. 

She noted that the sunscreen is ‘coral reef friendly’ because it was important to her that Fenty Skin formulated a product that didn’t have any harmful ingredients.’

It was also important to Rihanna that the brand stray from using ‘excess packaging’ due to the often wasteful practices that often occur within in the beauty industry.

‘So, we are using less packaging, we are eliminating boxes wherever we could, and we are using recyclable materials whenever we can.


Fenty Skin will also have ‘fillable systems in place, ‘where you only by the outside packaging once and from there you just keep refilling and you can recycle. 

‘[Fenty Skin] is a very upfront brand and we try to give you guys the best,’ said Rihanna, as she explained each product ingredient in detail.

The first Fenty Skin product drop is scheduled for July 31 and will consist of a cleanser, toner, and and moisturizer.  

Watch full video below:

*Adapted from Daily Mail