The video shows how the male patron grabs the woman’s child by the arm.

Spur Corporation on Wednesday issued an “unequivocal apology” and offered counselling to Lebohang Mabuya and her family for the incident that took place at the Texamo Spur at The Glen Shopping Centre in Johannesburg on Sunday.

In the original footage posted on Facebook on March 20, Lebohang was seen engaged in a heated exchange with an unidentified man who threatened to “klap” her if she did not discipline her child.

In a statement on Wednesday, Spur corroborated Mabuya’s version of events that the white male had been aggressive towards her child.

“We have reviewed our CCTV footage of the incident and can confirm that Ms Mabuya’s version of events is accurate; the footage shows that her child was grabbed by the male customer in an aggressive manner and his actions are unacceptable,” Spur said.

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“We affirm our decision to ban the male customer from our stores, physical aggression towards our customers, particularly against women and children will not be tolerated.

On Thursday, News24 shared Spur’s CCTV footage, which supports the restaurant’s statement that the male grabbed the woman’s child.

Spur has advised the man captured on video to undergo anger management.

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