I’m sure everyone knows about the Oscar disaster on Sunday night when Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway wrongly announced La La Land as the winner of best Oscar instead of Moonlight. (Awks).

What makes the whole situation even more awkward is the fact that the producers and stars of La La Land had to stop halfway through their celebrations and acceptance speech and had to hand over their Oscar statuette to-the rightful winners- the stars of Moonlight.


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But, can we just acknowledge how the star-studded audience was literally left speechless when the mishap happened…

and the moment the internet blew up with the most glorious memes…

Beatty blamed the accident on being given the wrong envelope (Emma Stone’s Best Actress envelope FOR La La Land). So, I guess you can say it was an honest mistake; right?

Well…by the looks of it Dunaway was a bit too excited when Beatty handed her the envelope because seconds before he looked very confused; he even took a second glance at the envelope before showing Dunaway, who mistakenly thought he was asking her to read out La La Land. Shame. I cringe.

I guess awkward situations happen all the time…But, one thing we can thank for the #oscarsfail would definitely be the hilarious memes that the internet has graced us with.

And we should thank the random tour bus for stopping at the Oscars to give us even more incredible memes to wrap up the night…

Aaaah the glory of the internet.

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