You have probably come across one or two cleaning videos when scrolling on TikTok, in fact, you might have learned a few things from the millions of videos available.

The cleaning community on the app has grown quite substantially over the years with more creators sharing their inspirational videos.

Recently though, a Tik Tok creator who fills her toilet to the brim with cleaning products has sparked outrage with her ‘dangerous and wasteful’ ASMR videos.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

The US-based Cleaningmamabee account on TikTok specializes in product overloads, which involves mixing together large amounts of cleaning solutions, in various places in her house much to the delight of her 1.1million followers.

ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is the feeling of a tingle-like sensation in the head, neck, spine and even legs that make people feel sleepy and relaxed, and can be triggered by certain noises and visuals.

But while some might find it calming to watch her swirling colourful chemicals around the toilet bowl, one of her latest concoctions has led to a backlash from followers for wasting products and ‘harming the environment’.

In the video, entitled ‘Orange and Lavender Collab’, the TikTok star showed her fans the enormous amount of products she planned to use.

@cleaningmamabeeOrange & Lavender Collab w @thesqueakyclean_traumarn 💜🍊she has such satisfying content! ##fyp ##foryoupage ##cleaningtiktok ##toiletclean ##cleantok ##sud♬ original sound – Cleaning Mama Bee🐝

She then blocked off the toilet with a Scrub Daddy sponge to stop the water from touching the product and began piling in a range of different orange and purple products.

The products and colours all blended in together creating interesting patterns before she sprayed a thick layer of cleaning foam on top.

Not content with that, she continued to layer on top, this time opening up several pots of Comet and Ajax power and pouring the whole lot inside the bowl.

Before long the toilet was full to the brim with various products and, wearing a pair of rubber gloves, she stuck her hand in the bowl and began mixing it all together.

She eventually made a thick purple-coloured paste in her hands and adding more and more products – much to the shock of some viewers.

@cleaningmamabee🍊💜collab w/@thesqueakyclean_traumarn follow her👏🏼 ##fyp ##cleaningtiktok ##toiletclean ##oddlysatisfying ##cleaningasmr ##productoverload ##scrubbingasmr♬ original sound – Cleaning Mama Bee🐝

The cleaning fanatic admitted that she worried the water may pour over the rim of the toilet when she flushed it.

She said she began to panic as the water rose and whipped out a brush to unblock the toilet, writing: ‘This was the moment I knew I effed up.’

Tik Tok users quickly took to the comments to share their outrage at the seemingly wasteful video.

One person wrote, “This is so bad for the environment and such a waste of money and product.”

@cleaningmamabeeAnswer to 🌸🍒🤍 I love doing these! Send some emojis🥰 ##cleaningtiktok ##cleantok ##oddlysatisfying ##toiletclean ##fyp ##clean♬ original sound – Cleaning Mama Bee🐝

Another commented, “But like are we not gonna talk about the waste or how hard it’s gonna be to get that outta the toilet or fishing that sponge at the bottom.”

She addressed peoples concerns telling them she only shares her cleaning videos for ASMR purposes and does not encourage anyone to use that many products to clean in their homes.

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