Millennials are usually blamed for ruining plenty things, the latest on the list is breakfast. While a bowl of cornflakes and toasted soldiers with soft boiled eggs have been enjoyed as morning meals for generations, they may soon be a thing of the past with millennials opting for avocado toast, pancakes and waffles instead.   

A new national study has revealed a host of classic British breakfast items could die out within a generation, with 71 per cent saying they may never have toast or cereal for breakfast again.

According to the study by Tabasco, one in three adults under the age of 35 has not tried the British classic of boiled eggs with toasted soldiers, while 27 per cent have never had a bowl of cornflakes for breakfast. 


Kippers, grapefruit, marmalade and black pudding may also die out, with at least half never trying them, while 57 per cent of young Britons have never even heard of kedgeree – an Anglo-Indian dish of cooked flaked fish, boiled rice, parsley, hard-boiled eggs, and curry powder with butter or cream.

Instead, Millenials and Gen Z diners are opting for Instagram-friendly treats such as decadent avocado toast and ‘cloud eggs’, a fluffy scrambled egg white with a perfectly runny yolk.

And the much-loved full English could also be in decline as one in five of those polled prefer to opt for a vegetarian or vegan alternative instead.

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British Breakfasts which are dying out 

*Number shows percentage of 18-35 year old Brits who have never had it for breakfast

1. Kedgeree 57% 

2. Kippers 55%

3. Half a grapefruit 51%

4. Marmalade 50%

5. Black pudding 50%

6. A bowl of muesli 47%

7. A bowl of bran flakes 40%

8. Fried bread 34%

9. Boiled egg and soldiers 29%

10. A bowl of cornflakes 27%

11. Porridge 24%

12. Margarine 24%

13. Raspberry jam 23%

14. A traditional fry-up 19%

15. Strawberry jam 18%


Millennial and Gen Z’s favourite breakfast meals 

*Number shows percentage of 18-35 year old Brits who eat this breakfast all the time

1. Bacon sandwich 37%

2. Sweet or savoury pancakes 27%

3. Avocado toast 25%

4. Eggs benedict 23%

5. Sweet or savoury waffles 20%

6. Cinnamon roll 19%

7. ‘Cloud’ eggs 18%

8. Banana bread 17%

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9. Breakfast burrito 16%

10. Fried halloumi 16%

11. A ‘cruffin’ 15%

12. A ‘cronut’ 14%

13. Vegan or veggie ‘fry-up’ 12%

14. Eggs on sourdough toast 12%

15. Huevos rancheros 6%

A spokesperson for TABASCO® Sauce said: ‘We know millennials and Gen Z are seeking adventure in their everyday and the research indicates this is also the case when it comes to their breakfast choices. 

‘Millennials and Gen Z in the UK today are much more likely to get creative first thing in the morning, favouring more modern dishes like avocado toast, shakshukas and burritos for breakfast.

Picture: Pexels

‘They clearly see breakfast as the most important meal of the day and are very unlikely to feel satisfied with just the traditional choices favoured by previous generations. 

‘Instead young Brits are looking for breakfasts that are exciting and photogenic, but most importantly packed with flavour’.