Sony has demonstrated one of the standout features of its next-generation PlayStation long before the unnamed device’s launch.

During a presentation by Sony Interactive Entertainment, an executive showed off the PlayStation 5’s super fast load times, thanks to an all new solid state drive built into the device. 

It comes as a number of details have emerged about the next-gen console, which Sony recently confirmed wouldn’t be ready for release this year. 


In a video, an executive shows off how the next-gen console can load up content in a fraction of the time that it would take the PlayStation 4 Pro.

The presentation confirmed that the PlayStation 5, as some are calling it, will feature backwards compatibility. 

This means users can play games from the PlayStation 4 on the new console and it’ll also support the current PlayStation VR headset.

‘We will harness the power of new technology to offer completely transformative and immersive gaming experiences,’ the presentation states. 

‘We will leverage backwards compatibility to transition our community to next-gen faster and more seamlessly than ever before.’ 

Sony’s presentation also confirmed several other features that have been mentioned previously. 

PlayStation fans can expect some major upgrades under the hood in the next console. 

Cerny suggested that the next-generation console will be ‘revolutionary, rather than evolutionary,’ according to Wired. 

Among the features the presentation confirmed are that the new console will include an all new CPU and GPU, a solid state drive, backwards compatibility, ray tracing, 8K graphics, disc support and 3D audio.

Cerny gave some more color on how exactly these features will improve the gaming experience. 

It will include an AMD chip with eight cores that’s based around AMD’s Ryzen line and has the firm’s new 7 nanometer Zen 2 architecture. 

Another big upgrade will come in the form of a GPU that can handle ‘ray tracing,’ a lighting technique that’s never been used in a console before and leads to ‘heightened realism,’ Wired reported. 

The PlayStation 5’s advanced graphics card and processors also allow the device to support 8K graphics, in addition to 3D audio.  

3D audio will enable users to experience sounds coming from ‘above, behind and from the side,’ according to Wired.  

More exciting, perhaps, is Sony’s decision to replace the hard drive with a solid state drive, which should result in noticeably faster load times during gameplay.

In addition, the presentation stated that Sony hopes to incorporate 5G technology in future consoles and sees a future where cloud-based gaming takes on a greater role. 

‘A massively enhanced PlayStation community where enriched and shared PlayStation experiences can be seamlessly enjoyed independent of time and place – with or without a console,’ the presentation explained. 


In the meantime, the next-gen console is expected to support physical games, which differs from the cloud-based gaming models already being adopted by Google and Microsoft. 

-Daily Mail