Netflix fans can not stop talking about the platforms latest reality dating game show ‘Too Hot to Handle’. 

The wild show was created by Laura Gibson and developed by Charlie Bennett.  The first season has eight episodes, all of which were released on 17 April 2020 on Netflix. The host of the series is a virtual assistant, named “Lana”, who gives the cast the rules they must follow throughout the season.

The premise of the show is to encourage young, single people to create genuine connections instead of their usual flings. With $100 000 up for grabs the contestants are not allowed to engage in any sexual contact while on the island. If they break any of the rules the prize money gets deducted. 

Within the first two episodes we see one of the couples break one of the rules which costs the group 3000 dollars and none of the contestants are pleased with that.

Fans of the streaming service took to Twitter after watching the show and the reactions were mixed but either way the show is definitely worth a binge if you’re into reality dating shows. It is hilarious and keeps you guessing as to who will break the no sexual contact rule next. 

 Just realised #TooHotTooHandleNetflix had people from Australia, UK and USA but no one from Africa 🥺

Will they have any money left by the last episode? Maybe. Will any of them actually make deep connections that last outside of the show? well its a reality show, nobody really knows.