Zodwa Wabantu’s reality TV show Zodwa Uncensored was on everyone’s lips again on Tuesday due to the comments she made about members of the LGBTQ+ community on the recent episode of the show. 

Twitter was ablaze with conflicting views on whether or not the show  – which airs on Dstv’s  Moja Love channel 157 on Saturday nights – should be canceled. 

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This comes after a petition for the show to be canceled had gained over 4000 signatures. On the petition it states that the comments made by Zodwa were homophobic.

“Zodwa WaBantu’s reality show which broadcasts on DSTV Channel 157 #ZodwaUncensored has revealed that Zodwa WaBantu is homophobic and transphobic through her ignorant comments she made on last week’s episode stating that gay men should not behave like women because they do not have vaginas but women do and she also stated that gay people are being done a favour to even be allowed to exist as the same spaces,” it read. 

The petition continued to call out the producers for not removing these comments before broadcasting the episode. “Zodwa WaBantu’s show is on a live broadcast show which means these comments went through several producers or stages before it was decided that it will be broadcast without any person picking up that these comments were homophobic,” read the petition. 

The petition for Zodwa Wabantu’s reality TV show to be cancelled has gained over 4000 signatures. 

In an interview with Sowetan Live Zodwa was quoted slamming the claims that she was homophobic. “How can I be homophobic when I have more than 20 gay friends. Even my designer is gay. I was talking about my friends,” she told Sowtan. 

She continued to say, “I am talking about something that I have observed about them since they are my friends. Anyway that is a reality show, I am calling it as I see it.”

Twitter was torn with some voting for the cancellation and others saying people must just not watch.