Take date night or a night out with your girls to a whole new level by simply following this easy, step-by-step crash course on perfecting the daunting but gorgeous “Smokey eye”.

Teaming up with The Makeup Issue’s Nina Leigh Fester and Laylah Adams, you too will be able to get the look by following these steps.

Expert tip: To ensure that the makeup doesn’t fade throughout your evening, apply foundation to the eye area before starting. This serves as a good base for the eye shadow, Laylah advises.

“An all black smokey eye may be too harsh on a fair complexion, which is why we opted for a more earthy colour palette with oranges and browns. Darker complexions, however, are more suitable for the dramatic black smokey eye”, adds Nina.

Final tip: for a more dramatic look, apply shimmer or highlighter in the corners of each eye. This will emphasize the eye more.

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