Bobbi Brown wants a world with “no contouring” beauty trends.

The 59-year-old make-up artist – who founded her eponymous luxury cosmetics brand in 1991, which was bought by Estée Lauder five years later – has admitted she hopes beauty trends return back to a “simpler” style where the contouring craze, which uses shadowing and highlighting to define the facial features, is long gone.

Speaking about her hopes for forthcoming beauty fads, the brunette beauty said: “With make-up, I hope we’re going to a place that is simpler and is more real. I can only hope it’s a place with no contouring.”

And the beauty mogul believes she didn’t “invent” something new, but simply discovered a “new way” to apply make-up.

Speaking about her success, she modestly said: “I didn’t invent anything; make-up has been around for forever.

“I just created a new way to wear it on your skin, how to apply it, how it feels and how it smells.”

Bobbi has admitted she first started her business by selling lipsticks to her friends, although she would advise budding businessmen not to invest “a lot” of your own money.

She explained: “My husband and I started the company from my house with two investors. I sold the lipsticks to friends and would put them in manila envelopes with the ingredients written on a piece of paper and we’d mail them out.

“Remember to have a life. And, make sure you don’t invest a lot of your own money. Start slowly and do things organically. Most importantly though, do something that’s not out there already; don’t just recreate what someone else has done.”

Meanwhile, Bobbi has revealed she has desperately wanted to name her Retouching Wand after a Disney Princess.

Speaking about the product, she said: “I wanted to call the new Retouching Wands, Cinderella Wands. I come up with the sponge concept in a meeting. The product development team showed me this horrible concealer formula and I played around with it and used a super-sheer layer across my face with sponge.”

And she doesn’t think every woman is suited to wearing rouge lipstick.

She told the “I always say you’re either a red lipstick person or you’re not. Make-up should make you feel confidence. For some women concealer works, for others it’s a red lipstick. I feel my best with concealer and eyeliner. I don’t think women should wear red lipstick if it doesn’t suit them to try and feel confident.”

– Bang Showbiz

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