Has your mascara dried up?

Don’t worry, we have the best save-money advice from Peter Schmidinger, a top make-up artist on how to bring your finished mascara bottle back to life. 

Source: Instagram/ misssporty_nl
The golden rule for mascara that we all know is that it lasts for six months after being opened- what if we tell you that this was not true. To make sure it does last that long and doesn’t dry out sooner, Schmidinger urges users to draw the wand applicator out of the mascara tube in one clean sweep and not make a pumping movement.

“If you do this, more air gets into the mascara and ensures that it dries out faster,” explains the expert at Germany’s VKE beauty society.

Bring your make up back to life in 2 minutes

Put your mascara a few seconds in the microwave, and you will be able to use every single drop inside of that tube. Caution: this is only applicable for a mascara that is no older than four to six months, as an older mascara may get you an eye infection.


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