Most people around the world including South Africa always tell their loved ones on a daily basis to look presentable, be it for work, school and social gatherings.

That’s what you do for those you love. However, majority of us often say this in a suggestive tone without even realising it.

For instance, when someone chooses to wear their natural hair in a way that might not fit the norm as engraved in us for so many years that one’s hair should be in a certain way – processed state etc., we tend to use the word ‘presentable’ to suggest they wear it in a way we feel fits that mold.

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This also applies to beauty.  

There are even rules in most organisations and institutions that are designed to transgress anything that does not fit that mold when it comes to beauty and hair.

Late last year, some of these organisations were brought to a standstill as they enforced their rules which were clearly not accommodative and lacked what one can call reality and depth.  

How did we end up here?

That was the question on everyone’s lips last year.

As a nation, we believe we will eventually get it right. On the 1st of April 2017, a festival celebrating Natural Hair and Beauty takes place.

The first ever prestigious and family-orientated FESTIVAL, Annual Natural Hair & Beauty Festival which will be held at Mushroom Farm Park in Sandton on the 01st April 2017 aimed at all races, genders and ages embraces and celebrates cultural diversity through Hair and Beauty and in Hair and Beauty.

The Annual Natural Hair and Beauty Festival will be a unique experience that will give people an opportunity to enjoy a day full of activities; live music, dancers, poets, display of brands and products, world class education, live hair and beauty performances, celebrities and much more…

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