CAPE TOWN – “Having curly hair is a gift” so they assume, dealing with tangled hair is a lifetime battle that only curly people can understand.

Many have come up with assumptions of what it might be to bear a curly, kinky and bushy crown. However today, I am going to take you through a day on a curly persons shoes and break everything you need to know.

Curly hair seems to be one element that disproves sir Isaac Newton’s law of gravity, maybe planet earth just doesn’t provide enough force to pull it down. Hair is more than just your body part, it is your own personal signature, it defines you and glorifies your identity. “My hair is such a big part of who I am”, said Rozanne McKenzie on Hair Confessions
Interesting facts you didn’t know about #teamcurls ?

• We don’t always finger tangle, because it is almost impossible to trace hair lines with our finger tips- it is almost like your fingers are on a maze run in your own scalp.

• Most of us don’t own any hairbrush or comb and well, for those who do, they hardly use it. On days we decide to wash or comb our hair we have to prepare our selves mentally and spiritually, because it takes longer than you imagine.

• We don’t like people to touch our hair, its not being rude (: it only makes sense after you understand the hours we spend trying to make it neat.

• Scissors are our worst enemies, we don’t trust people with our hair. Growing this glorious crown takes time.
Get that Rock Star look

1. Start off with YS Park Ion Diffuser– it is rated as the best by hair pros, the Japanese extraordinary sock like diffuser adds some magic to your ordinary hair dryer and results with the best rock star look. Cheryl Wischover a Fashionista beauty editor suggests that, “Diffusers often lengthen the amount of time it takes to dry your hair because they spread the hot air over a larger surface area and don’t blow as hard”

2. Use Kinky Curly Knot Cream – The creamy herbal conditioner, is designed to detangle and remove those irritating knots and snarls from your hair. Leaving you with clean and fresh smelling curly textured look.

3. Wash and go – This is the easiest style that will never let you down in any occasion and the best news is that it goes with any outfit. Its easy like that, all you do is to wash your hair and go. This style best works in summer, we adore H&M red maxi dress, pair this with sandals or rock this look during winter breezes by paring the dress with a knitted jersey to give it a warm feeling.

4. Try the messy bun look for a more neater and versatile look, the bun works best when you want to reveal your facial features and neck. This look works best for formal events, think about date and cocktail events. 

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