Starting one’s day with a load of laundry results in some serious huffing and puffing…
While sorting out whites and brights, not even Taylor Swift can possibly help shake the obviousness of how dull the upkeep of white panties and brassieres become. 


So what do you do?

Refer to Sandra Thomas of Satin Candy’s advice of course… and find out how to bring underwear back to the bright white life.
So for all those fellow gloomy grey undies out there, living a half-life in search of the bright white; consider this load of laundry loopholes!

Some easy tips Satin Candy has formulated to assist with the laundry low down are as follows:


Number 1 – prevention is key!
Number 2 – Read the label!
The steps you take to washing your knickers should never contradict the instructions on the garments care labels. All bras require hand washing.

So don’t even think about putting it into the machine. Hand wash is a hard and fast rule. 
Number 3 –the obvious isolation rule!
Whites always washed with whites.

NEVER compromise here, even if you have one white itsie-bitsie pair of briefs to wash!

Take the time to hand wash this item instead of throwing it in with the rest of your laundry load.
Just to add, there are three other laundry tips for underwear and this applies to all your underwear, which helps make your lingerie look as good as new and last longer.


Number 4 – Hot Dryer!

The average home dryer can generate extensive heat, making the inside a virtual oven that bakes your underwear, taking the stretch out of elastic and resulting in slack fabric and loose waistbands.

This kind of heat causes excessive friction on the fabric making it become like sandpaper, dulling colours and silky fabrics.

Air drying is the best and should be the only way to help your underwear look better and last longer but it is the best option.

Number 5 – Fabric Softener & Bleach!

Fabric softener, while making your t-shirts teddy bear soft, is a nightmare for nylon and polyester based microfiber fabrics.

The softening agents and added fragrance wreak havoc on the knit and can leave residue. Since microfiber is already silky soft, there’s no need for this extra step. Bleach is best left to heavy duty washes, as it can weaken fabrics over time.

If you need the extra disinfecting power of bleach, keep usage to every other wash to keep your underwear in tip-top condition.

Number 6 – Drying in Direct Sunlight!

The damaging UVA and UVB rays that cause your skin to turn to leather can weaken fabrics and fade colours.

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Instead of direct sunlight, air dry your underwear in the shade, where they are exposed to fresh air but not the harsh sunlight.


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