LONDON – Many women would agree that, the only way to save time from mad mornings, it is doing your make up on the bus or train.

Research has found that many of your fellow travellers think putting your face on while commuting is the height of rudeness.

Pippa Bailey, senior director of Ipsos Marketing, which commissioned the research, said: “It’s fascinating to see how divided we are on the issue of applying make-up in public.

“At a time when manufacturers are innovating ever more compact and convenient make-up for use on the go, it appears the attitudes of many Brits still lag behind, with the feeling that the application of beauty products is best kept behind closed doors.”

Surprisingly, women disapprove of the practice more than men, with 42% feeling offended, compared with 41% of men. A third of men had no strong feelings either way – with just 22% saying it was no problem.

Etiquette guide Debrett’s also advises leaving the make-up bag at home. Editorial manager Lucy Hume told The Sunday Telegraph: “Our advice is that a quick touch-up of mascara or lipstick is acceptable, but best to refrain from more extensive grooming in public.”

– Daily Mail via IOL

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