Dropping into fashion stores in Europe has become a little bit like going on a journey back in time.

Fashion from an era that some people would prefer to forget – the 1990s – is back in style, including bomber jackets, platform shoes and crop tops.

“They’re iconic pieces that remind us of freedom, mobility, eccentricity and extroversion,” declared Gerd Mueller-Thomkins from Germany’s Fashion Institute, the DMI.

But if you or an older relative do still have some clothes from the 1990s in your wardrobe, think carefully before trying them on again.

This season’s look is made from different materials and colours and has different cuts, warned Mueller-Thomkins.

One example is the bomber jacket. “The bomber jacket was always a very rugged piece of clothing,” said designer Robert Herzog from the State Fashion School in Stuttgart.

“However, the bomber jacket from the 1990s is way too masculine looking.”

This year’s bomber jacket has a less bulky cut and is tighter fitting.


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