JOHANNESBURG – SA Fashion Week is upon us people. That’s right fashion lovers, rejoice. However, there are some things that people don’t necessarily understand about fashionistas, but not to worry, we are here to clear the air. This is a guide that will help you spot a fashionista and well, you know understand them a little better.

1. Fashionistas love fashion

We all love fashion but fashionistas understand the relationship between man (or woman) and clothes. They know what the latest trends are, before the general public. If you wanna know if a new trend is gonna catch on fire, then these are the people to look to.

2. They set trends, not follow them

Fashionistas are daring, they are what some might call crazy but it’s because they are not afraid of colours, textures, prints or cuts. Sure they might look back at some old photos of themselves and go: “What was I thinking?”, but essentially, their boldness is what makes them own their style.

3. They know how to rework an outfit

Hey, just because they are fashionistas, doesn’t mean they have the financial backing to support fashion. In most cases, it just so happens that they work with what they have by pairing different pieces from their closet to help help them come out with a head turning masterpiece.

4. They dress for themselves, but they don’t mind the attention either

They dress well because they want to feel good, but hey, they don’t mind a compliment or two here and there, but remember that your opinion on their sense of style doesn’t actually matter to them. Quite simply, there are people out there who are simply born to slay.

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