LONDON – The new image app, launched by Visa Europe and app developer Blippar is the answer to tracking down a stranger’s outfit which you liked and struggled to find on shops.

Visa hopes to make the technology available to other retailers later this year. The firm’s Ranjiva Prasad said: “The concept is ‘always-on’ shopping – make the whole world shoppable.”

Interesting facts about the app:

1. It will allow users to copy someone else’s style simply by taking a photo of them.

2. The app identifies all the clothes – with details of where they are sold, whether the right size is in stock and how much they cost. Users can then buy the items on the spot.

3. It gives instant information about as many as half a billion objects simply by taking a picture of them. Once recognised, online links connected to the objects are flashed up on the screen.

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