“I create because I am African”, says 29-year-old Katherine-Mary Pichulik

Pichulik’s journey began by using interesting materials and weaving them together to produce unique accessories. She immersed herself within this creative process to wile away the time during her long train trips around the world…

After her backpacking trip from India; Home was where she found her ultimate inspiration. She pursued her craft and in no time she had a small collection of unique pieces created to complement her closet.

Every time she would wear one of her collection pieces, she turned heads in every room she entered. The funny bit is that she then started selling them to people directly as they admired the piece dangling from her neck!

“Kat”, is known all around for her precious neck pieces. The materials she uses include West African brass and agate, and Pan-African trade beads. The choice of her accessory materials is a direct result of the inspiration she draws from traditional African jewellery and its symbolism.

Her career propelled after a picture of her jewellery, captured by her friend landed on a very well known blog. This exposure gave her work and brand major visibility. She was later appointed to design accessories for Cape Town Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for Kenyan neutral brand, Alesso.  

Pichulik has won many awards for her extraordinary creations.
Pichulik was awarded the Emerging Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year Award (she won this award in 2014 – http://10and5.com/2014/09/15/bobbi-brown-pretty-powerful-katherine-mary-pichulik/) and in 2015, she was voted South Africa’s The Young Independents Top 100 Influencer. 

The bold accessory line for brave women called Pichulik Accessories is inspired by the intimate relationship women have with jewellery – it speaks of her travels, her mother and grandmother and the people she has loved. 

As a fine arts graduate, Pichulik has grown from a gifted artist who transforms “useless materials” into statement head-turning pieces to a prosperous businessperson. Her small female-only team in Cape Town has been doing a great job by providing constant supplies to international stores, local retailers as well as her online stores.

To order your piece contact: Katherine-Mary Pichulik