QUESTION: Since I was a teenager, I have slept in the foetal position — and never thought anything of it. But I’ve started to notice I am developing permanent vertical lines in between my breasts. When I was younger, they were there in the morning, but later smoothed out. Now I am in my late 40s, they are noticeable all the time. What can I do about them?

A Vertical chest lines can begin to be problematic for a lot of women past 40. One of the main contributory factors, apart from age and sun exposure, is sleeping on your side with your breasts pushed together.

Sleeping on your back will help prevent further deterioration, but this is often impossible for lifelong ‘side sleepers’. Thankfully, lines on the chest are relatively easy to treat without surgery.

Careful micro-injections of hyaluronic acid (a naturally moisturising component found in skin that depletes as we age) can smooth and vastly improve the appearance of these vertical lines. This is injected directly into the lines at a number of points.

Best results are usually achieved after a course of three treatments, at around two to four-week intervals, and last around a year. For women with additional skin laxity on the chest, ultherapy, a form of skin tightening and lifting that uses ultrasound, is effective. It re-models collagen and stimulates tissue growth.

An interesting bonus is that patients have reported a breast lift of up to 1.5 cm.

This single treatment lasts approximately 18 months before a top-up is required.

– Daily Mail

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