The new year marks the perfect time to start over and set goals in your love life.

If you’re single and stuck in a rut, there’s no better excuse than the beginning of 2018 to really de-clutter your romantic relationships.

Relationship advice

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Professional matchmaker and dating coach, Siobhan Copland advises the best way to ring in the new year is to refocus your approach to achieve a healthier romantic life.
But that means taking action and following several key steps including dumping the ‘friends with benefits’ who is draining your energy.
Copland, who launched her own dating company Match Me Cupid in 2009, says why being selective when choosing a partner is not a failing but will help lead to a successful relationship: “You’re better off satisfying yourself until you find someone who is fully on your wavelength.”

Dump the friends with benefits 

Relationship advice

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Seeing someone casually who ‘fulfills certain needs’ is a big no-no according to Copland, she says it’s time to cut out the energy zapper.
“When they’re not available at your beck and call, it becomes frustrating and could well be getting in the way of you being fully emotionally available when the right one comes along.
“Best to leave that arrangement in 2017, and wait for the full package,” she says.
“Sex after all is also an exchange of energy, be picky with who you share your energy with.”

Streamline your online dating

Relationship advice

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Copland also advises against spreading yourself too thin. If you are using online dating apps, it’s best to stick to just one and improve your profile.
“There is such a thing as app fatigue. Pick one app where you feel you can find your tribe. And keep your profile short and sweet”
“Think of three things you would like to find in common with someone, and include it in your bio. Steer away from saying what you don’t want.”
She says asking your friends for help in picking the right photos; but encourages women to wear a dress with heels and men should opt for a blazer and jeans to attract matches.

Go on a blind date

Relationship advice

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Copland says that your friends can be key to meeting someone, so ask them to set you up with a friend of a friend or even join a matchmaking service and get someone to do the hard work for you.

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“Many successful relationships have developed as a result of having a blind date, like on the programme!”
“They get to know a few things about a person before picking their date. You could have your own at home version, get your friends to line up a few prospects, and pick the one you most like the sound of.”
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