Cape Town has played host to fashion’s most high profile, elite events of the year.

This includes the Mercedes-Benz Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival which is one of the most creative and inspiring Fashion Film Festivals globally; as well as Mercedes Benz Cape Town Fashion Week.

TYI’s Fashion intern, Zuhaa Isaacs (19) who’s got her manicured finger on South Africa’s fashion pulse shares her Fashion week style diary with you.

Zuhaa Isaac’s writes…

“I started off the week on a fashionable note. Being a young, working female in an environment full of professionals and people more experienced than you; you always have to put on a good front.

In my case; putting on a good front means putting on a good pair of shoes. I teamed up with Cotton On, Naked Eyewear and local photographer Sibusiso Bangani (22) for my 3 day style diary leading up to fashion week.

Day 1:

We’re at that awkward stage where the Mother City offers us all the seasons in one day. It’s either damnably hot in the CBD or randomly raining and freezing cold.

And, just my luck the icy chill of Wednesday morning made me opt for this ensemble (see below).

Tip: To give your black-on-black look a pop of colour: Nothing too bright, it might be an overkill on the eye, add a thick brown belt with a bit of detail.

A fun tip if you are’t a colour junky like me but want to step out of your comfort zone: A pop of colour on neutral is always good…

Your beige, nude, brown and green are best friends and your yellows, blues and bright hues will always compliment each other (just don’t over do it).

Day 2:

Launches and meetings were the agenda for today so I opted for a more “professional” look.

What could be more professional than a blazer?… NOTHING.

But me being my fun self still wanted to keep it cool and casual, so I opted for funky glitter ankle boots from Cotton On.

Day 3:

I did a denim-on-denim look and wanted to add blue hues to my outfit; so I added a light jacket, jeans and dark velvet boots from Cotton On to compliment the outfit.

(There is nothing wrong with wearing the same jeans twice in one week btw. As long as it looks fresh and you feel good, then go for it! Just like I did).

Fashion Week Day 1: For the very first day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2017, I decided to don a long aztec print dress from Rosey and Vittori.

I’m not one to usually wear a dress…or prints for that matter but hey; it was Fashion Week and I wanted to step out of my comfort zone. The side slit made it look a bit funkier and I added a black leather jacket, trendy hat and sunglasses to still be true to my style.

Fashion Week Day 2:

On day 2, I decided be myself which meant pants. I slid into shiny glitter pants with matching ankle boots from Cotton On, a velvet top, a white blazer and some funky shades that completed the outfit from Naked Eyewear.

And this was my five day style diary from work to fashion week!

Style diary photography: @sibu_b

Fashion week day 1 photography: @halfandhalve

Fashion week day 2 photography: @ishaam.abrahams

– Zuhaa Isaacs


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