The 80s is back with a bang of striking silhouettes, fierce fur, liquid leather, shiny evening wear, over sized locks and flirty distressed jeans.

The larger-then-life era, where being seen in the latest fashion ensembles was also a powerful symbol of wealth, is the ultimate era to slay, right now.

1. Badass distressed denim

Source: Pinterest/ Madonna

Madonna was the ultimate style queen of the 80s.

Channeling her inner rebel and paying homage to the popularized unisex fashion fad, she had a thing for boyfriend-inspired distressed denim wear in the early 80s.


Source: Instagram/@zuraidajardine

Media personality, Zuraida Jardine, slaying in distressed denim, which was also a symbol of glam-metal music acts.

2. Too-cool-for-school headband

Source: Pinterest/ Bruce Springsteen

Many stars wore a headband to add some glam to their look, including Bruce Springsteen. 

Source: Facebook/ Leigh-Williams


Media personality, Leigh-Anne Williams, looks like a glam goddess wearing a vibrant multicolored band.

3. Funky denim double-up

From acid-washed denim to dark blue, celebrities such as songstress, Madonna, worked the classic casual wear staple.


Source: Instagram/@djzinhle

DJ Zinhle showing flames in a sexy distressed denim jeans as well as a jacket and steamy bralette, which during the mid 80s, was a fearless form of women expressing their sexuality.

4. High-volume bold locks


Source: Rouge/Facebook

While everyone was aiming for conventional locks and plane jane hues, songstress Cyndi Lauper, went all the way to shaving the one side of her hair and left the other side long and puffed up in shocking red color.

Soap opera, Dallas’ leading ladies popularized high-volume locks.

Celebrities such as rapper, Rouge and performer, Manila Von Teez from SAGT fame loves experimenting with candy hair.

5. Functional fierce fur

Source: Pinterest/ Cyndi Lauper

All the cool kids like Olivia Newton-John and Cindy Crawford were obsessed with eccentric soft fur in the mid 80s.

It adds loads of drama and glamour to any ensemble.

Source: Instagram/ @bonangm

Our Queen B, Bonang Matheba slaying (as always) in a saucy black fur jacket.

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