2017 was the year that brought us Salt Bae, Prosecco-flavoured everything and more vegan options than ever.

But while those viral food trends are here to stay, other much weirder fads are bound to be consigned to history.

Coffees in cones, cakes that look like raindrops, naturally pink chocolate and cloud eggs were just some of the zany foods that had spells in the spotlight in 2017, according to Twitter.
But though they were all the rage on Instagram for a time, it’s predicted that these foods certainly won’t be on the table this year. 

Unicorn Food

The Starbucks Unicorn frappe was a hit during the height of the rainbow food trend
In 2017, foodies on Instagram were obsessed with ‘unicorn’ food – essentially normal meals dyed with food colouring to make them brightly coloured. One of the strangest was unicorn noodles or unicorn spaghetti, which transformed a normal dinner into an unappetising meal that resembles Plasticine . Unicorn toasties and unicorn toast was another food trend that lit up Instagram. But though it looks pretty in the pictures, do you really want to eat a lot of artificially coloured cheese for lunch?

Cloud Eggs

FLUFFY: Cloud eggs are the latest food trend flooding your Instagram feed.
Cloud eggs – where the white is separated from the yolk and is whipped into a frothy consistency before being baked – sent foodies into a frenzy in May, but the trend has since died down. They were popular among health fanatics as they only have 161 calories – but poached and boiled eggs actually have slightly fewer calories (and are much quicker to make)

Coffee In Cones

The ‘coffee in a cone’ invented by barista Dayne Levinrad of The Grind in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg
Serving coffee in cones went viral this year – but the cone won’t keep the drink hot for long, unlike a ceramic mug, and if the cone has any chocolate on it, it will melt into the coffee. This is another trend that looks better than it tastes in reality, which means it probably won’t last into 2018

Edible Glitter

Mont Blanc Tartlet at The Peninsula Beverly Hills PICTURE: Moneyish
Edible glitter was sprinkled on everything this Christmas, from a turkey sandwich at Sainsbury’s to crisps. But one London pub called The Fox Under The Hill went so far as to add it to its gravy in the run-up to Christmas. HungryHorse, which owns the pub, is considering rolling it out at its 292 other pubs, but we predict this will be a trend left in 2017. 
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