Just because you might not have spent an arm and a leg on some of your jewellery pieces, that doesn’t mean it is not valuable to you.

Cheap jewellery is a lifesaver when you can’t afford to splurge on real gold or silver, the only issue is that it usually looks good for a short period of time.

After the first wear, it will probably start to become tarnished, dirty, and significantly less shiny.

Luckily there are a few ways to get around it if you want to keep your less-expensive jewellery looking its best for longer.

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It just needs as much love and care as the real pieces in order to keep it in good shape.

From cleaning it with a homemade solution to wiping it down with a microfibre cloth, here are four ways to take care of your inexpensive jewellery.

1. Cleaning solution

Wiping your jewellery down with a gentle cleaning solution will help remove any stains and keep your jewellery shiny. You can make the solution by mixing some mild dish soap with warm water and soaking the jewellery for about 10-20 minutes before gently cleaning the piece with a toothbrush.

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Before soaking your jewellery make sure none of the parts of it is stuck with glue as water might ruin it.

2. Lemon juice

A mixture of lemon juice and water is a good way to remove any oxidation on your jewellery. Try mixing one part lemon juice and one part warm water, then soak your jewellery in it for five to 10 minutes. When it is finished soaking, use a toothbrush to buff away any oxidation then pat dry with a soft cloth.

3. No perfume

If you consistently spray perfume onto your jewellery then you are just asking for it to get discoloured. Exposure to perfume damages jewellery due to the presence of oils, synthetics including ethyl alcohol, and certain colour dyes. The ingredients in perfume can cause jewellery to lose its sheen, erode metal coatings, or create a dull layer making your pieces appear dull and discoloured.

A way to avoid this is by letting your perfume settle in for a few minutes before wearing your watch or necklace, or simply avoid spraying perfume on your neck and wrists when wearing jewellery.

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4. A protective layer

Before you even wear your jewellery, a nice easy hack that will help protect it from damage is by painting some clear nail polish over it. Gel polish is even better because it lasts longer so it will serve as a great barrier for your jewellery.

5. Wipe it down

After cleaning your jewellery with the homemade solution, it is best to have a microfibre cloth just to wipe it up and make sure there is no liquid left on it.

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Be careful not to rub in circles or too hard as that will lead to damage, just be gentle with your jewellery, and rub it back and fourth because that will help make it shiny.

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