Herbalism has been around for centuries, with people from different cultures using plant based remedies to treat different medical conditions.

Also referred to as phytotherapy or botanical medicine, herbalism is widely described as one of the earliest systems of medicine known. It is the practice of making or prescribing plant based herbal remedies to help treat medical ailments.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Herbalists, which have become increasingly popular on social media, can be licensed medical doctors, naturopaths, or osteopaths but they can also be unlicensed.

Thanks to social media, people have been showing an interest in the herbalism community, with platforms like TikTok making some of the old practices within the community, popular in mainstream media.

Whether it’s drinking echinacea tea to help with an upset stomach or taking some turmeric supplements as an anti-inflammatory, there are a number of herbalists online that use their platforms to share health and wellness tips.

If you are looking to take a more natural approach to your medicine then these herbalists will help you get started.

Sophia The Herbalist

With a particular interest in human biology, the role of the body in health and its response to diseases, Sophia The Herbalist is a good person to follow for some insights into herbalism as a beginner.

The qualified Medical Herbalist believes in herbal medicine as a form of healing, and strongly considers nutrition and other lifestyle factors to be a vital part of the treatment and prevention of different conditions. Even though she shares plenty of information on her social media, she offers a more personal experience, through her online consultations on her website.

Sophia The Herbalist. Picture: Instagram

Tania The Herbalist

Tania is a herbalist and empowerment coach. She uses her social media to share insights on plant medicine and holistic healing. Through her Instagram, it is clear that she has a love for natural healing. Her medicinal herb guide will help beginners through their healing journeys.

Tania The Herbalist. Picture: Instagram

Ayo Herbalist

Clinical and community herbalist Ayo Ngozi Drayton is not only an educator but also a creative that is on a mission to help people connect to their healing and creative birthrights.

Drayton uses her platforms to teach people of all ages to work with plants for healing, nourishment, and pleasure.

Ayo Herbalist. Picture: Instagram

Lady Apothecary

Emma Marigold is a Complementary & Alternative Medicine Practitioner (CAMS) and is a fully qualified Medical Herbalist & Health Guide, according to her website.

She practices herbalism for the modern-day and her polices ride on breaking taboos and reviving our grandmother’s teachings. Her Instagram is filled with information on how to spot certain health ailments before they progress plus how to treat them. She also offers consultations on her website.

Lady Apothecary. Picture: Instagram

Liz Bunting

In her search for a healthy lifestyle for not only her but her family, Liz Bunting fell in love with herbalism. She is known on Instagram and in herbal circles as The Raw Herbalist. Using herbs as medicine is a big part of her life and she shares her knowledge as a certified herbalist with her followers on Instagram.

A recipe for a smoothie by The Raw Herbalist. Picture: Instagram

Organic Olivia

Organic Olivia shares her love for herbs with her thousands of followers on her blog and social media. Her platform is great for individuals seeking knowledge, tools, and resources to help them lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

“I love science (meaning what is repeatable and measurable), just as much as I respect tradition (and what cannot be seen or explained by our modern methods). My mission in life is to speak to both worlds, bridging the gap between the gifts of Western medicine and the wisdom of traditional herbalism,” she explained on her website.

Organic Olivia. Picture: Instagram

Olivia believes that natural remedies, herbs, and food can help prevent diseases and increase the quality of ones life. She also has a range of herbal formulas including tinctures, capsules, “juices” & syrups.