Online dating has become increasingly popular unlike a decade ago where it was associated with desperation.

A relationship coach has revealed the eight different types of people you are likely to meet on dating apps, which include the ‘love bomber’ to the ‘window shopper’.

Matchmaker Louanne Ward, from Perth, told the Daily Mail that dating apps have never been more popular than during the COVID-19 pandemic, with as many as 15 per cent of all Australians being registered on apps like Tinder and Bumble.

But the ‘new normal’ in terms of dating has brought with it a ‘variety of new dating app key players’.

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“Dating doesn’t come with an instruction manual, but if it did a great place to start would be to understand the most common prospects or visitors you’ll meet on dating apps in 2021,” Ward told the publication.

She detailed the eight dating app types you need to watch out for – and why you need to steer clear of the ‘love bomber’ at all costs.

1. The Prepper

The first type of person you might meet on a dating app is the ‘prepper’, who is newly single and venturing into the digital dating world ‘without working on significant relationship breakdowns or past hurts first’.

‘Having not used dating apps before, they believe they are ready, but often subconsciously, what they are really looking for is some sort of validation or a shoulder to cry on about their past relationship,’ Ward told Daily Mail.

‘Commonly, they are encouraged by well-meaning friends and family to move on with someone new, believing the best way to get over someone is to meet someone new.’

But in fact, the expert said they are just using their new dating app hobby as a ‘coping mechanism’ to deal with their feelings in the moment, rather than as a means of emotionally moving forward.

If you want to read the warning signs that someone is just prepping, Ward said you need to look out for someone who constantly talks about their last relationship, has low self-esteem and is unclear about what they want.

They might run hot and cold over-promising and under-delivering.

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2. The window shopper

The ‘window shopper’ is a particularly difficult dating app type.

‘Already in a relationship, this visitor to dating sites is looking for a dopamine hit or exit strategy of a plan B,’ Ward said.

Sometimes, this type is just ‘window shopping’ to see what else is out there, while in other cases they are ‘looking to set up a new relationship before leaving the one they are in’.

‘They don’t consider what they are doing as betrayal because they are unhappy and have intentions to leave their current relationship,’ Ward said.

To spot a ‘window shopper’, lookout for someone who has blackout times when they are never online, someone who avoids meeting in person, and someone who gives vague answers to questions and redirects the attention to you.

The ‘window shopper’ is definitely a type you want to steer clear of.

3. The rouge

Thirdly, there is the ‘rouge’, who isn’t interested in conventional dating or a traditional relationship. Instead, all they want is ‘instant gratification’.

‘This type is quite often the easiest and quickest to spot,’ she said.

‘They are selfish about having their needs met without care of offending you. In some cases, they are sex addicts looking for their next hit.’

To identify this type, look out for someone whose entire conversation is centred around sex, someone who asks inappropriate questions and someone who sends un-asked for naked photos.

4. The love ready

‘Relationship ready and looking for a real connection, these daters have the intention of an end goal and have positive attitudes towards dating,’ Ward said.

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‘They aren’t looking for a relationship to fix them and they give people a chance. They put in the time, effort and are emotionally ready for love.’

You can identify this largely positive type by acknowledging that someone isn’t attached to negative stories of their past relationships, and realising that someone often follows through on what they say they are going to do.

‘The love ready only dates one persona at a time and they talk openly about what they want,’ she said.

5. The Taker

On the other hand, the ‘taker’ is someone you definitely want to avoid on dating apps.

‘Dating apps and sites are filled with vulnerable people who are isolated and alone,’ Ward warned.

‘For some, online dating platforms are where they get support and interactions. It’s hard to tell a fake profile from a real profile and sometimes scammers put in even more effort with their communications, which makes them appear real.’

To spot a ‘taker’ in the wild, Ward said you should watch out for someone who links their profile to Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok and asks you to follow them before you get to know them.

They might also be younger and seem out of your normal league.

6. The Gamer

‘Connecting with a gamer can end up being a tiresome experience,’ Ward said.

‘They are in it for a win, whatever that looks like to them at the time. They know how to play the game and they do so with confidence.’

Often when you come across a gamer, they will keep their emotions out of the game and instead just enjoy the thrill of the chase, while playing with your head, heart and emotions.

‘They don’t really know themselves or what they want, and treat dating like competition until they find someone who feels like the ultimate win,’ Ward said.

Spot this type when you come across someone who runs hot and cold so you never know where you stand, and when you find someone who makes promises they never keep.

7. The Love Bomber

The ‘love bomber’ might feel like a ‘dream come true’ when you start dating them, as they shower you with love, put you on a pedestal and hang on every word you say.

But Ward said you need to ‘beware that underlying the façade could be a manipulative, possessive narcissist who is looking for their next victim to control’.

‘The early days of a new relationship can feel intoxicating, but it pays to be aware of the signs of love bombing and listen to your instincts,’ Ward said.

You can check if you’re being ‘love bombed’ by watching out for ‘extravagant, over the top gifts’, keeping an eye out for ‘never-ending compliments’ and being aware if someone wants to be in constant contact with you throughout the day.

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The ‘love bomber’ is the worst of all the dating app types, Louanne added and should be avoided at all costs.

8. The 10 Percenter

Finally, the 10 percenter is the ‘most sought-after dater of all’.

‘They are the ideal match most people are looking for, the untouchables,’ Ward said.

‘What women most commonly want is a man who can make them laugh, is intelligent, emotionally available, tall, good-looking, charismatic, fit healthy and financially independent, and what most men want is a woman they consider kind, loving, attractive, having a great body, natural, positive, caring and emotionally secure.

‘The reality is 90 per cent of single people, no matter what age or stage, are looking for the 10 per cent of people who tick all the boxes and these 10 per cent of daters are rejecting 90 per cent of possible matches.’

While these people might sound like the dream to date, Ward said in all actuality they often aren’t.

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‘Their extremely good looks haven’t made it any easier for them to find a real match; it just makes them fussier,’ she said.

‘They also don’t try as hard and expect others to make all the effort.’

For more information about Louanne Ward, you can visit her website here.

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