Namibia is more than just sand dunes!

The beautiful African country has many stunning features including history, game lodges and cultural experiences.

CHALLENGE TIME! What do you think would happen in today’s world if the only time our mouths were allowed to speak or our fingers were allowed to type, is if it were to only express something positive or empowering? How many of us would turn mute because it’s in our human nature to complain and talk about the negative first? Every single time I sing the praises of any place whether Croatia or Brazil, there’s always a handful of people who chime in with their “buts”. Those stinky ol’ but(t)s ? No place is perfect, but let’s face it, some countries come pretty damn close ? Nevertheless, I thought it’d be cute/fun for everyone to drop a comment on where they’re from. And I will go through and name the first thing I love about each person’s country. And I want YOU all to join me and flood people’s replies with reasons why you love their native land. Let’s try to keep things organized, so if your country is already named, please don’t say it again because you want to be showered with love. We’ve got 196 potential places to cover ? And for the countries I haven’t been to yet, I’ll state why I’m excited to visit or something great that I’ve heard about it. This is a good mental exercise for us to remember the power of our words, and how we can use them to make this world a better place. Picture of me in Namibia because my expression perfectly reflects the look of awe I get each time I land in a new place that someone else gets to call home ❤ LEGGO! Shot on my @GoPro | #GloPro | #GoProTravel

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Here are 9 facts you should know before you visit:

* One South African rand equals one Namibian dollar.

* The capital of Namibia  is Windhoek, and other major cities include Lüderitz, Swakopmund, and Walvis Bay.

* The average temperatures are 17° C to 30° C in summer, and 7° C to 20° C in winter.

* It will cost you around R3000 for a return flight from Johannesburg to Windhoek, or R3300 if flying from Cape Town. However, this could cost more during peak travel seasons and depends how far you book in advance.

*Petrol will cost you around N$12 per litre.

*South Africans do not require a tourist visa to travel to Namibia.

*Food costs: Lunch with a drink costs around N$108, and dinner for two at the local pub costs about $N338 on average. A loaf of bread costs about N$10.

* Beverages: 1 cappuccino = N$26, a beer in the pub = N$21, one cocktail = N$56, 2 litres of Coca-Cola from the shop = N$18.

* And, for your basic needs, a pack of four toilet rolls will cost you N$30.


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