FROM Cleopatra’s jet black hair to platinum blonde made popular by 1930s screen siren Jean Harlow, women around the world have been changing their hair to daring colours and stylessince time immemorial.

Of late, women are becoming even more bolder with colour and with highlights and ombré (having gradual shading of colour from light to dark) being one of the more popular fashions which, I must confess, I am a little obsessed with myself.

I’m fascinated by the crazy, wonderful and adventurous colours people are now experimenting with. More and more people are embracing diversity and finding new ways to express their individuality. These vivid colours offer far more options than brunette, blonde or auburn.

Cyndi Lauper stepped into the ‘80s music scene with her song Girls Just Want to Have Fun along with her bright yellow and red hair making a hair statement that I still remember.

Former Fashion Police presenter, Kelly Osbourne, recently went through a dramatic transformation not only with her weight loss but her hair colour too. Her purple hair has become her signature look which she enlivens with funky haircuts.

Terms like unicorn, rainbow and mermaid hair have all become popular ways to describe multicoloured hairstyles, making the trend mysterious and fantasy-like.   


When searching funky hair colour hashtags on Instagram, I came across make-up artist Kimlyn Sisam’s page and her ever-changing hair colour caught my eye.

Sisam is the make up artist responsible for Afternoon Express presenter Jeannie D’s perfectly made-up face.

I had to find out who the artist behind her colourful locks was and my search led me to colour hair magician and stylist Tracey Theys Serfontein, the owner of Star Style salon in Plumstead, Cape Town.

Serfontein sees her clients strictly by appointment to ensure privacy and to avoid a full salon. With no signage on the outside and tinted front windows, one wouldn’t even know that it is a hair salon. It is nicely hidden away from the peeping eyes of passers by.

But for those in the know, they know exactly where to find her.

She is so passionate about what she does that she will even go into work on her off days to “rescue” damaged hair of even the most difficult client.

Before meeting Serfontein, I warned her about my damaged curls due to all the self-experimental colouring I had subjected my hair to over the last few months.

She kindly offered to work her magic to try to rescue my curls.

One look at at my hair and she said the only way to get my hair back to a good condition was to cut away the damaged ends.

While Serfontein patiently snipped away my hair, I picked her brain about this trend.

How did get you on to this trend?

My assistant stylist, Amy Jane Clark , and I were experimenting with colours on her hair. After seeing Lady Gaga’s white hair on her Poker Face music video, we were inspired and eager to try it out.

Who, in your opinion, is rocking the trend locally and internationally?

Locally I would have to say Kimlyn Sisam. With her adventurous nature and her “go big or go home” attitude. She is currently rocking the rainbow hair trend.

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Internationally, without a doubt, Kylie Jenner. She’s even created her own line of trendy and colourful wigs.

What are the “must try” colours right now?

Metallic, rainbow, peach and coral colours.

What would one need to consider when wanting to try this trend?

You should definitely take into account the cost implications.

It doesn’t last longer than two months and you always have to do touch ups.

Fashion colours are not permanent and that it is a process.

And all of this also depends on the condition of your hair to begin with.

What would you need to do to maintain your colour and keep your healthy hair?

Always buy a professional moisture treatment to treat your hair once a week.

Don’t wash your hair more than twice a week.

Natural oils help to moisturise your hair, especially doing fashion colour.

The more you wash hair, the quicker the colour will fade.

Coconut oil is a great product and really helps to moisturise hair

If you are using a hair iron, it’s important to remember that the temperature of the iron should not be more than 180 degrees.

When doing fashion colours, always use sulphate-free shampoo. Ordinary shampoos can strip your hair colour. 

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