Hairstyles from the โ€™60s to the 2000s are having a moment on social media right now, with celebrities and creators embracing the retro looks.

The return of old hairstyles is proof that TikTok has turned into a time capsule, as it can be credited for the return of the Y2K aesthetic that saw low rise jeans making a comeback late last year.

Hairstyles from the 2000s or earlier have not received quite as much resistance as low rise jeans did though instead, people have been embracing vintage hairstyles by adding a modern twist to them.

Here are some of the retro hairstyles we are obsessed with:

Butterfly clips

One of the most popular ways to spice up your hairstyle back in the early 2000s was to add some colourful butterfly clips. Nowadays, celebrities like Charli XCX are bringing the cute look back to add some fun to a simple updo. The clips can also be used on cornrows to give the style a more youthful feel.

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Chunky Highlights

While some might cringe at the thought of chunky highlights, the Kelly Clarkson inspired style is clearly here to stay. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B and Dua Lipa have been rocking the hairstyle but added their own modern twists.

Cardi B. Image: Instagram

Jennifer has been opting for what most people do which is make the highlights blend more with the hair, whereas Dua opted to only lighten her bangs in the front which has been a popular trend among young people.

Claw Clips

This simple look has been making a comeback on TikTok and Instagram because of how easily it upgrades a look from being simple to chic.

Claw clips are also good because they work on most types of hair so even curly-haired people can get behind this trend.

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To achieve the perfect Instagram look, leave out bits of hair in the front.

Curtain Bangs

Even though bangs are always in style, we have been seeing a lot more of the 70โ€™s inspired, curtain bangs. They differ from traditional bangs because they are split right down the middle and swept to each side of the face instead of covering the whole forehead.

Curtain bangs are also longer than the traditional kind, making them perfect for those who donโ€™t enjoy cutting too much of their hair.

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There are currently millions of TikTok videos that show how to style curtain bangs or even how to cut your own (if you are brave).

Flipped Bob

The flipped bob haircut has been around since the โ€™60s and has been going in and out of style since. Just like the flipped ponytail, this style has made a huge comeback over the last year with celebrities like Keke Palmer and Cardi B getting in on the trend.

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Space buns

One of the cutest hairstyles on this list has to be space buns. They are perfect for both grown-ups and young people, as they are easy to do and can be rocked out during the day or as a protective style before bedtime.

Pastel wigs

Remember when the rapper Lil Kim wore the iconic purple jumpsuit at the MTV Video Music Awards in 1999? She paired that look with a lavender wig at the time and we canโ€™t help but think that her look was what inspired the coloured wig trends we have seen emerging over the years.

Wig quality has improved dramatically though since the 90โ€™s and people have been experimenting with more colours and styles as the trend keeps making a comeback.