Hangover skin refers to skin issues that are caused by excessive drinking.

Hangovers can cause headaches, nausea, a disdain for bright lights and the desire to wear sunglasses indoors.

In addition to that, excessive drinking can have negative effects on the skin, which is just terrible.

Drinking alcohol dehydrates your skin as your kidneys work overtime trying to flush out the excess liquids.

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Hangover skin refers to skin issues that are caused by excessive drinking. The symptoms for this ‘condition’ include the loss of elasticity that can lead to wrinkles and sagging skin, dryness, dull skin and enlarged pores.

Dr Sarah Shah of the Artistry Clinic told Dazed Beauty the main effects of drinking alcohol excessively.

“One of the main effects of drinking too much alcohol is dehydration. Not just inside the body, but also on your skin. Alcohol is known to be a diuretic which forces water out of our body, so you can lose quite a bit of water our skin cells need, leaving skin dehydrated and dull. Not only does it force water out, but it can also be hard for your body to rehydrate itself afterwards, and quickly too, so this can leave skin dry and fine lines and wrinkles become more apparent,” said Shah.

With the festive season in full swing, it means there will be plenty of parties to attend, and for most people that leads to drinking alcohol.

In order to prevent hangover skin over the festive season there are a few things to do;

Prepare your skin

If your skin is properly prepared, it will be able to survive the party season. Maintaining a good moisture-rich skin care routine will go a long way in supporting your skin.

Shah suggested skincare products that contain Vitamin A (retinol) because it encourages cell regeneration and fights premature skin ageing.

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Stay hydrated

Alcohol is very dehydrating, so ensure that you are properly hydrated throughout your drinking sessions. Nothing beats drinking water before, during, and after a night out just to prevent your body from getting dehydrated.

Consider non-alcoholic drinks

Your nights out don’t have to be defined by alcohol, mocktails other non-alcoholic drinks are good alternatives when you want to take a break from alcohol.

Limiting your intake will help your skin recover from any previous damage.

Stick to your night time skincare routine

This applies to everyone, whether you’re drunk or sober. When you get home after a night out, it is very important to wash your face and properly moisturise your skin. Be sure to use products that will rejuvenate your skin while you sleep, a go-to would be moisturising sleep masks.

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An easy way to remove dry, alcohol-damaged skin cells is by gently exfoliating in the morning. Look for an exfoliant formulated with lactic acid or fruit acids to exfoliate without drying out the skin.

Facial massages are good

Thanks to the dehydrating effects of alcohol and salty foods, you may be used to waking up with a puffy face in the morning after a night out. Using a face roller or any other face massaging tool will help reduce inflammation and puffiness.