JOHANNESBURG – Paris, London, Rome, New York. These are the most popular destinations that people head to when they think vacation.

Can you blame them? These are beautiful places that offer great food, amazing architecture, fashion, music, the works.

However, the world is too big of a place to be appreciated for only four locations, not when it has so much more to offer.

That’s why in celebrating #WorldTourismDay, we have compiled a list of five beautiful, yet underrated places in the world that you can travel to, you know just to give you more options and help you break away from the tourist trap.


                                                                                                                                    Source: Pinterest/Hannes Wimmer

This nation offers plently of breathtaking landscapes and has the most preserved land in terms of forests, mountains, rivers, and lakes. located in South America it is boredered by Peru, Brazil, Chile and Argentina.

The Philippines 

                                                                                                               Source: Pinterest/Just One Way Ticket Travel Blog

This is one of the largest island groups in the world, made up of over 7 000 islands. It offers culturally rich experiences along with all types of outdoor recreational activities on water and on land, and lots of white sand overlooking with turquoise water.


                                                                                                  Source: Pinterest/South African Tourism Company

Mozambique has over 2,500 kilometers of spectacular, secluded beaches, as well as clear dive sites to see rare marine life while snorkelling and scuba diving. Boasts the largest protected marine area in Africa and has some of the most delicious sea food you’ll ever taste. This beautiful country is also known for its traditional music and arts.

Sierra Leone 

                                                                                                  Source: Pinterest/Sasha Martin Global Table Adventure

One of West Africa’s safest destinations offers some amazing wildlife, great beaches lined with palm trees and an assortment of island groups and the capital of Sierra Leone, Freetown is sure to quench your craving for the nightlife.



This country has many castles and archaeological sites as well as museums, with exhibits spanning antiquities. Located in Southeastern Europe’s Balkan Peninsula this country has lots to offer.
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