Invite-only audio chat app Clubhouse is launching its messaging system – Backchannel – for the users on both iOS and Android.

The company said that Backchannel has both 1:1 and group chat and an optional second inbox for message requests.

“If you’re a speaker, you can use Backchannel to chat with your co-hosts, plan what question to ask next, or decide who to pull up from the audiencen” the company said in a statement.

Photo by Dmitry Mashkin on Unsplash

“If you’re a listener, you can chat with your other friends in the audience any time you’re in a room. Just tap the airplane icon — or swipe left — to access the chat thread,” it added.

Users can send and receive questions from the audience.

Speaker can now take questions from people via text — and use that to decide who to call up from the audience. Listeners can now submit questions, even if they are not able to come up on stage.

The company said that users can use Backchannel to coordinate with co-hosts, organise questions, decide on guests and collaborate before going live.

Recently, Clubhosue has struck a deal with TED to bring exclusive talks on its platform.

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The deal lets TED sell ads and sponsorships for its conversations and Clubhouse will not take any share. It’s still not clear if the chats will be available as podcasts or other on-demand recordings.

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