Valentine’s Day is just a week away and for women with a larger bust size, buying lingerie can be tiresome. Many complain that finding a bra which fits well and looks good is a challenge – and when they do find one they like, it costs the earth! Surely there’s not that much extra material to drive the price so high?!

Donna McPherson Buying Manager at Ackermans, says: “Finding a bra which adequately supports you, looks good and doesn’t break the bank can be more difficult for women with larger busts than for those who wear an A – D cup, but it’s not impossible! You just need to know what to look for.”

Donna shares five tips for women with larger a bust size to keep in mind when buying their next bra.


Different activities require different bras, as do different outfits – there is no one bra that is suitable for everything. “For example, if you are participating in strenuous activities, make sure to wear a suitably supportive and comfortable bra, that won’t scratch your skin. If you’re wearing body hugging clothing, look for a bra with a smooth shape, avoiding lace or ribbon detail.”

Nude or white bras look best under white garments and light colours, but beware of wearing white under black blouses or dresses. “If someone takes a photo of you, the white bra is likely to shine right through” says Donna. “Multi-way bras are perfect for your favourite strapless or halter neck dress, as they can be worn in multiple styles.”


Donna says: “Cost is important to consider before purchasing, especially if you’re on a budget.” Bigger bust sizes don’t automatically have to mean more money. Certain value retailers, such as Ackermans, offer a great range of affordable bras in larger cup sizes. “Look for stores that offer good quality two packs, so you get more value for less.”


Fit is critical. “It is worthwhile to have yourself professionally measured, if you’re unsure of your size. You can also check yourself. Ackermans makes it easier for women to find their bra size with an online calculator. Be aware of changes in your body – our bodies fluctuate and cup size may increase or decrease over time, so always try on before buying. Bras should not ride up your back, and there should be no obvious bulges under the cups or around your shoulders. Straps should sit snugly; they should not be too loose or fall off your shoulders.


“We talk about full body comfort,” says Donna. Just because a bra is the correct size, doesn’t mean it will necessarily be comfortable. Stay away from fabrics that could scratch or irritate your skin, and make sure the bra remains comfortable if worn for a long period of time. “If the straps are digging into your skin, look for thicker straps.”


“Many ladies with larger bust sizes think that it’s impossible to find beautiful lingerie that will fit them, but this isn’t true, says Donna. “It is possible to find stylish bras in larger cup sizes; you just need to know where to look!” For example, Ackermans recently launched an extended line of stylish, affordable bras for larger-breasted women, ranging up to a G-cup – one of the very few retailers to offer this cup size.

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