Plant parents know how important it is to keep their house plants looking alive and healthy.

A plant enthusiast took to TikTok to show off his beautiful houseplants after polishing the leaves with a homemade mixture.

TikToker Brad Canning, shared his video showing how he cleans his plants with skim milk and water which leaves them looking shiny for longer.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Milk is good for plants because it contains nutrients like calcium and protein that can help with the growth of the plant plus make it shiny.

“Did you know that milk can actually help your houseplants? I know it sounds kind of crazy but the reason why we use milk is because the proteins in the milk help break down the residue on the leaves to give it that shine we all love,“ Canning said.

He explained the importance of occasionally wiping down your plants leaves to keep them dust-free as the accumulation can block the plant from absorbing sunlight.

“So dust on the leaves actually stops the plants from getting what it needs from the sun,” said Canning.

To make the DIY solution at home, you’ll need to combine 3/4 cup of water with 1/2 a cup of milk in an empty spray bottle.

“Give it a bit of a mix and it’s ready for your plants,” the graphic designer said.

Photo by Elizabeth Dunne on Unsplash

“You just want to spray on the leaves and give them a good wipe down. Then grab a dry cloth and wipe off all the residue.”

Brad said he prefers using skim milk because it mixes better with water.

“Another good thing about the watered down milk is it actually doesn’t have an odour so it doesn’t smell and it doesn’t attract any bugs so this is perfect,“ he explained.

A number of people that saw the video said they didn’t know they could use milk as a leaf shiner.

“Wow just tried it and it totally works. Thanks for sharing,“ one user wrote, while another added: ”Wow never knew this.“

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Milks like almond and cashew don’t have active cultures that contain the shining benefits like dairy alternatives so it won’t work on plants.

Others said they have been cleaning their houseplants with milk for years, with one person saying: “My grandma taught me this trick years ago.”

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