Adventure has always been written in the stars for Monde Sitole, the globetrotting 25-year-old.

Born in Nyanga, Cape Town, raised in Port Elizabeth, and then back to Cape Town – Sitole’s travels started at a young age. He was one of the first youngsters to attend school on board the SV Concordia, a Canadian ship that covered many sea miles while students attended classes.

They sailed to and from Cape Town, Namibia, St. Helena, Brazil, Trinidad, Tobago, and England, to name a few. Sitole swapped his sea legs for hiking boots when he was chosen to represent Africa in the International Pangaea Mike Horn Young Explorers’ Camp in Switzerland, learning everything about high-altitude mountaineering.

Armed with new knowledge, he and his expedition tackled Mount Elbrus (Europe’s highest peak), Mount Denali (North America’s highest), and Kilimanjaro (twice).

Living by the philosophy, “we must never stop caring”, he gives back through the Monde Sitole Educational Strategies Foundation and his Desert Rose Adventure Club in Khayelitsha, where less-fortunate youngsters are given life lessons in a natural setting.

“We want to create highly informed, compassionate young people,” says Sitole, “I’m not a self-made man. I stood on the shoulders of strong people in my communities.”

Today, Sitole is that shoulder for others.