We all secretly do or experience things that we sometimes feel guilty or awkward about…

But, I can assure you that it’s totally alright if you…

1. Give yourself a pep talk in the mirror when you’re going through sh*t. (I mean who else is a better “pick me up” than yourself?).

2. Occasionally check your poop 💩 to make sure you’re healthy. (There is nothing wrong with looking out for yourself people!)

3. Do not have a smart phone in 2017. Whether it got stolen, you’re broke or you’re just saving up for that Iphone 7. No judgement; you rock that Blackberry 8520 with pride!

4. On the topic of 📞 cellular devices…it’s also alright if you pretend to be on your phone in a crowd to avoid eye contact or irrelevant conversations with people. We’ve all done it.


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5. It’s also alright if an animal 🐱 has more Instagram followers than you. For example this fugly cat has more likes and comments than I will ever get and that’s okay.

Scratches 💕 #pudgethecat

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6. Go to Spur every Monday to get that free burger so you can have lunch to work the next day.

7. Own an Iphone (or any expensive smart phone really) and not be able to afford data.

8. Or if you rely on Vodacom “Play Everyday” for that “250 Megabyts for 7 days” as your data. Don’t worry we don’t judge the struggle.

9. Have a job in the CBD and choose to stay at work well after closing time to miss that 4pm peak hour traffic. (I do this on the regular; and I feel no shame).

With that said…I hope you all embrace your individual struggles and to know that it’s always alright to experience them.


-Zuhaa Isaacs

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