Uyanda Mbuli, star of Uyanda: It’s On, has been away from the public eye recently. However, her new show that sees her travel across the world, mingling with celebrities and locals shows a new side to the celeb. We found out about her travels.

First holiday memory?

My first international trip. I remember driving with my parents, brothers and sisters from Nelspruit to Swaziland during the festive seasons. I must have been 7 years old at that time. It’s still one of my greatest memories. I came back with the belief that everyone around the world spoke Swati.

Favourite place in SA?

Cape Town will always stand alone as a firm favourite. It always gives me the feeling that I’m in Europe and Miami at the same time.

Best holiday?

New York City is my home away from home. I’m so comfortable there. I honestly think I lived there in my previous life as I never find myself missing home when I’m in the Big Apple.

What have you learnt from your travels?

I’ve leant that we all live in one global village and the world is so small. The best way to experience any place is hanging around with the locals.

Ideal travel companion?

My friend, Lucy Samuelian because she’s always keen to explore new things just like me and the fun never ends when she’s around.

Beach bum, culture vulture or adrenalin junkie?

I’m a combination of all three. It all depends on my mood.

Greatest travel luxury?

Flying the Emirates A380. It’s quite a special experience taking a shower 4000 feet above sea level.

Holiday reading?

I love reading books of testimonial. People telling their stories of how they’ve seen God move. I enjoy reading about how the word of God has changed people’s lives. It inspires me to be a better person and to remember giving up is not an option…

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Which city has seduced you?

Miami, Florida. It is truly the best city in the world. I could relocate there any day.

Worst travel experience?

I wouldn’t call it the worst, but I was just not ready for the Lagos traffic. It was a shocker.

Best hotel?

Four Seasons Jumeirah in Dubai is definitely my firm favourite.

Favourite walk, swim, ride or drive?

A combination of activities around St. Regis, Miami. This includes swimming to walking across to Bal Habour and the drive or ride along the beach road. It is absolutely magical.

Best meal abroad?

I’m a sucker for oysters and champagne. Thank God, I can get it anywhere in the world.

Favourite city?

Let’s say after Miami it’s definitely the city of lovers, Paris.

Where to next?

I always stop over in Dubai on my way anywhere in the world. So, Dubai is the safest option, LOL.

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