A recent survey conducted by Chinese online matchmaking platform zhenai.com showed the top reasons why some people choose to remain single in China.

Being afraid of starting an “awkward chat” is one of the top reasons to remain single.

Among the 8,390 participants, 53.35 percent said they always feel embarrassed when striving to make conversation on a date.

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Apart from troubles in communication, personal economic status is another major consideration in relationships.

More than 70 percent of the participants consider buying an apartment a necessity in marriage while only 30 percent accept rental housing.

Some respondents believed that physical appearance, personality or family background can determine whether or not to start a relationship with someone as well.

For some of those surveyed, the pursuit of acareer is also a factor in their decision of remaining single or not, with 54.31 percent stating that they would not give up their careers for the sake of marriage.

Zhang Shasha, an expert in marriage and relationship with zhenai.com, commented that as single people now enjoy better living standards, they should spend more time on improving their skills in getting along with people of the opposite sex and learn more about love, so as to develop healthy and lasting intimate relationships.

– Xinhua

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