The new dating app, Snack, is making it easier for people to avoid falling for catfish accounts.

Online dating keeps evolving, and luckily for single people that are looking for love, the dating app Snack is making it harder for people to hide their identities behind fake images.

The app is described as a video-driven dating platform that is similar to TikTok which has been a major hit, especially among young people.

Because of this, Snack is also targeted at Gen Z’s who have taken to sharing videos of themselves online.

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People on Snack can share short videos of themselves to match, chat and “build meaningful connections” with fellow daters. The app can also be linked to a TikTok account which means daters can share their original TikTok videos straight to Snack when searching for a match.

According to reports, creators of the app went with the video-sharing format in an attempt to promote a broader sense of who a person is through videos of themselves and their lifestyles rather than just glimpses via photos. Especially since photos can be filtered and people can use images that do not belong to them.


The hope is that video dating will lead to more meaningful matches with people that share similar interests or even just enjoy the same surroundings and of course it will hopefully put an end to catfishing.

“Video-first dating allows a unique sense of expression that you can’t portray with a few well-crafted words and filtered pictures,” Nikolas Huebecker, one of the app’s backers told Refinery29.

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“For a mobile-first generation, this new form of authenticity will grow to be necessary. Snack allows users to express their real selves just like they do on TikTok, Snapchat, and other platforms we love,” he added.

Snack is currently only available on iOS in parts of the world but the creators plan to launch an Android version of the app soon.

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