Music festival guru, Leland Edwards is at it again…


Cape Town weather is clearing up and that means, come this Saturday only bright skies awaits. Winter is over and the troopers are coming; finally the fifth season of the year has arrived.



We have come such a long way since the first ever Sunflower festival BACK IN 2013 and all I want to do is stand back and clap.

We went from having the international likes of Magneto, Captain Hook and Orca; to Mandragora, Sesto Sento and  V. Falabella decimating the dance floor (DF).

The Earth, she will feel and witness us in all our glory, when we set stomping grounds alight for one absolutely wild night. We will cast a spell of love and unity so powerful that no negative force will dare stand up against it. Nor will it be able to break US.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I am buzzing to new heights for this event.

This line-up alone…


This will be my first outdoors adventure since the winter Vortex festival which absolutely blew my mind to Mars and left it there.

I am beyond well rested. I feel like Goku stepping out of the hyperbolic time chamber.

A complete Super Sayian.


WOW … this event is going to be amplified by 10. I will probably have to replace my feet by the end of it all.

The highlight last year for me was officially getting to see Mandragora play live as he completely decimated everyone on that Sunday Funday.


I left the Ostrich Farm, that day in nothing but a vest and jockey. The rest of my clothing remains to be found.

I tried to sleep; it was at sunrise that I actually did fall asleep. I woke up just as Capital Monkey approached the decks.

That’s about the only picture I can clearly piece together from the funday.

Massive shoutout to Gonzo, Chemo Boy, Gonzi, Deliriant and The Commercial Hippies, for last year.

It’s like things kicked into a whole new gear. Absolute overdrive.

This is where things really took a turn down South. It felt like everyone was skydiving from space.

Absolutely Exhilarating. Everything was going at 150mph. Just when you thought you were spent of energy from the previous set, the next Dj would come and demanded more energy.

This year I will get to witness another genius live performance.

Team extreme, Vini Vici is here, can I get a HELL YEAH!!??

The two of them? Fam, brace yourselves we deffs gonna get our monies worth when they fly us out to Jupiter.

Then along with Mandragora will be the highlight of the weekend for me. If I make it to the funday in one whole.

Not to mention the insanely gifted SA dj’s, the likes of Deliriant, Headroom and Disco Volante along with many, many more magicians (Dj’s).

We will surely be coming in the thousands to show them our love and support.

There will also be a Techno and deephouse floor. I use this floor as a means of coming down a bit. It is more calm than the main stage.

The main stage is where I show my energy and deephouse floor is where I charge.

There is just something about this festival: could be the Dj’s, could be the vibes, could be the jol or just all of that in one full blast.


On the eve of this event I feel it has already become too much to take in.

And please guys, leave this negative name calling of Sunflower by your granny’s house.

Like I get that there are people who come to our magical retreats with sick intentions.

That is human error, as the organisers of Sunflower go out of their way to make this event one for the books, for us.

It’s simple, it’s not about who is there and behaving badly, it’s about you and the people you chose to share this journey with.

Because the people I go with and end up meeting at this wonderland, year in and year out keeps me coming back for more.

So chill, just be lekker and get ready to SKUTJOUBISCUIT.

Brazil you might be the so called party capital of the world but when it comes to this time of the year, the world will bear witness and even join us from all four corners.

And we will show you just how we South Africans JOL.

I sit here and think about a past me, in high school.

Every time I’d cross the tryline I’d ask myself, “Can life get any better than this?”

If only I could go back and tell the kid that it can and only will get better.

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