Saffers want to take their wanderlust international.

South Africa is a country with abundance in every sphere – beauty, culture, heritage, and just the right amount of cosmopolitan comforts to bring tourists flocking in hordes every year.

For those who are born and bred here, sometimes the packed holiday season is the perfect excuse to escape to new surroundings and explore exotic travel destinations across the globe.

Here are 5 places millennials in South Africa have on their bucket lists, according to travel experts at Contiki.


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A pulsating paradoxical city, Japan is a place where a traditional way of life meets modern innovation. Packed with modern art, rich culture and historical landscapes, while at the same time being one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world, there is something for everyone to get lost in. Explore the Tsukiji Fish Markets in Tokyo or stock up on Hello Kitty or Pokeman merchandise. Then there is the Sunan Industrial Complex which provides absolutely surreal futuristic night views, and the beautiful Kawachi Fuji Gardens, akin to an ethereal fairy tale wonderland.


Travel trends 2018

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As the second largest city in the world and also the fact that it was named best city in the world to travel to by Lonely Plane last year, Canada is definitely on the radar of South African globe trotters. Known for its exquisite natural landscapes, including temperate rainforests, the magnificent Canadian Rockies and striking Atlantic coast, the scenery may even rival that of SA. In the winter months, it is also a great place to get a glimpse of the glorious Northern Lights and then of course, there is the world renowned Niagara Falls in Ontario.


Travel trends 2018

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The ultimate holiday destination, millennials will love Brazil’s laid-back culture and beachy lifestyle. Home to legendary cities including Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Salvador, Brazil really is one big adventure. Head to a favela party and kick back with some caipirinhas.


Travel Trends 2018

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According to Contiki, South Africans are dying to get a taste of the la dolce vita life. With incredible art and architecture in cities like Rome, Venice and Florence, the fashion and forward and sophisticated style of Milan and the beautiful wine filled region of Tuscany – not to mention divine Italian food, this is one country that truly has a lot to offer.


Travel Trends 2018

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With a similar sub-tropical climate, vast wild life and ocean surroundings, Saffers might feel right at home down under. Great for budget travelers, Australia offers a number of bucket list-musts, including the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney harbor and opera house, Bondi beach and the bustling cities of Perth and Melbourne.

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