A travel influencer has gone viral on TikTok because of her genius solution to avoiding expensive baggage allowance costs at the airport.

Kristen Black, a traveller who splits her time between Paris and Atlanta, took to the social media platform to reveal how she flies on low-cost carrier Ryanair with just hand luggage.

In the video captioned ’How to pack for your Ryanair flight’, Black showed how she folds her clothes into a neck pillow and even uses her hat for storage.

Photo by Dimitri Karastelev on Unsplash

The clip starts off with her kneeling on the floor of the airport as she begins to gather up her clothes.

She then packs them tightly into a large knitted jumper before rolling it up into a makeshift neck pillow, that she places around her neck.

She triumphantly captions the first move ‘DIY neck pillow’.

Black then goes on to place a soft toy souvenir she bought in London on top of her head and then covering it up with her hat.

“Use your hat for the souvenirs you bought during ya trip. (sic)” she wrote.

Lastly, Black is pictured filling her pockets with leftover items, writing: ‘Stuff those pockets’.

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

She was a little layered up by the time she was done with her packing hacks but assured that it was worth the savings.

In the comments section, Black was quick to explain that she had done these hacks after going through security.

People were thrilled with the tips, with one user writing: “Stoppp I have a Ryanair flight tomorrow and I only have cabin bags, I’m gunna be wearing three t-shirts. (sic)“

Another said, “Literally stuffed a small pillow up my hoodie and pretended I was pregnant so my sister could get her pillow home on the plane.”

@kristenashleyblack save space save money @ryanair #travelhacks ♬ versace mens spring summer 2020 – ⠀

And even Ryanair’s official TikTok account responded to the clip and wrote: “Bestie I’m scared.“

Black’s video has been viewed more than 6 million times at the time of publishing.

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