Climbing plants have grown in popularity in the past couple of years with more and more plant parents growing them indoors.

They make a stunning addition to most rooms in a home and thanks to a plant enthusiast on TikTok, anyone can grow a climbing vine using sweet potatoes.

We have all been guilty of keeping sweet potatoes for a little longer than we should and it ends up sprouting and then eventually in the trash.

Photo by Prudence Earl on Unsplash

Brad Canning has revealed how we can save those sweet potatoes by turning them into a house plant.

The plant-loving TikToker shared his simple guide to growing a sweet potato plant using just a vase of water.

“All you need to do is grab yourself a sweet potato straight from the supermarket put it in a glass of water and that is it – it will turn into an awesome houseplant,” he said in the clip.

Brad said it will take about four weeks after placing a potato in water for it to grow roots and sprout.

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“They’re the coolest and easiest plant to take care of because you literally just need to change the water every couple of weeks and that is it,” he explained.

This hack is one of many that the TikToker has shared on his account. Another popular one was his guide for turning an avocado seed into a house plant.

In the video he explains how removing a avocado seed and placing it in a zip lock bag for a couple of weeks before placing it in water will grow a house plant. He then shows some of his impressive avocado pit plants which he claims can live in water forever.

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The sweet potato hack has gone viral on TikTok with hundreds saying they tried it for themselves.

“Mine took over my kitchen. Roots came in a few days,” one person wrote.

“I did this and it only took two weeks. It was the best part of my day seeing it grow,“ another said.

Brad has gained a loyal following on social media for his plant videos and helpful tips that help other plant parents take care of their house plants.

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