Gift wrapping can get a bit expensive if you end up using too much wrapping paper.

With Christmas around the corner, TikTokers have been sharing their tips and tricks on all things gift wrapping.

In fact, the hashtag ’Christmas wrapping’ has grown in popularity with over 260 million people viewing the wrapping videos featured in the TikTok category.

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A TikToker who is known for sharing her useful house hacks has been sharing a number of festive-themed videos that are useful to those that are trying to learn simple ways to wrap Christmas gifts at home.

Chantel Mila shared her latest wrapping hack that will come in handy if you are trying to save money by not spending too much money on wrapping paper.

Mila, who has gained a following of more than half a million people on TikTok, demonstrated the wrapping technique in her latest video.

@mama_mila_ Hack: save paper when gift wrapping 🎁 #giftwrapping #christmastiktok #christmasmagic ♬ Here comes Santa Claus trap remix –

To avoid using too much paper to wrap an Apple MacBook Pro laptop, she didn’t wrap it horizontally or vertically but instead tilted the box and wrapped it diagonally.

The corners of the paper met in the centre of the present and she was able to wrap the gift perfectly.

‘Hack: save paper when gift wrapping,’ she captioned the video.

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The unique wrapping style does not only save money, but the end result looks elegant and professional.

One viewer said they were loving Mila’s gift wrapping hacks while another said the video was ‘so satisfying’ to watch.

Since no gift is complete without a bow, Mila also shared a video to show her followers how to tie a Tiffany-style bow.

The key to the perfect ribbon is to cut it five times the length of the gift and wrap it on top of itself twice before tying the bow.

In the short TikTok video, she demonstrated the process starts by placing the elegant gold ribbon over the wrapped gift and then tying it around horizontally.

In the centre, she then folded one ribbon strand upwards creating a right angle and continued to wrap the ribbon vertically.

@mama_mila_ How to recreate that Tiffany style bow 🎀 #christmastiktok #christmascountdown #giftwrapping ♬ original sound – ✰ Christmas sounds ✰

Next, the long strand was tucked under the cross intersection in the middle and secured with a gentle pull.

She then tied the bow and trimmed the ends of the ribbon, revealing a stunning gift.

Mila’s tips and tricks are perfect for those who are planning to save some money this year by wrapping their own Christmas gifts.

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