Durban – Appeals have been made for a woman assaulted in a taxi to come forward, as a video of the incident goes viral.

The owner of the taxi, Velaphi Gumede, has committed himself to firing the driver, saying he cannot work with “an abuser”.

Gumede was reacting to news of a video circulating on social media and which was reportedly filmed on Wednesday morning. It shows a man and woman standing outside the taxi with the passenger door open.

The man has his left hand on the frame of the taxi and his left leg is pressed against the woman as if to ensure she cannot escape.

It is not clear if they are talking or she is gathering her belongings from behind the driver’s seat.

The man then raises his right hand to the woman and lands a slap, which is heard from across the street where the person filming the video is standing.

The woman keels over but regains her composure and turns to run away, with one hand on her cheek.

The man maintains his hold on her, grabbing her by her clothes and exposing her underwear.

He then violently shoves her into the taxi.

She seems to try to resist, but he shoves her legs and feet in and slides the taxi door closed.

Police spokesman Lieutenant- Colonel Thulani Zwane urged the woman to come forward and report the assault which he said would be investigated.

Gumede also urged the woman to come forward as he could only dismiss the driver then.

“I just came back from Johannesburg and have not had the strength to even call the driver yet,” he said.

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