Christmas is a time for giving and receiving gifts, but sometimes you receive something that you don’t necessarily like.

We have all been in a situation where we receive a gift that we aren’t that excited about. As much as you might appreciate the gesture it is hard to be happy with something you do not want.

Maybe it is a sweater that doesn’t fit right or something you are allergic to, so as much as you could be grateful for the gift, you might find yourself stuck with an unwanted present.

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Rather than dumping unwanted gifts straight in the bin, here are four better ways to dispose of them:

Donate to charity

One of the most respectful ways to pass on your unwanted gifts is to donate them to charity.

Your local charity shop is usually the best place to go and hand over any Christmas gifts instead of letting them gather dust in your closet.

Another way to donate unwanted gifts would be to place the gifts outside your home with a ’free’ sign next to them.

Facebook and Gumtree

One of the easier ways to dispose of a gift you don’t like is to sell it on Facebook or Gumtree which ensures that the gift will find a new home with someone that actually needs it.

Obviously if you live in the same area as the person who gave you the item then you should be sure to click ‘hide from friends’ on Facebook Marketplace.

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Recycle, recycle, recycle

Wrapping paper, Christmas cards and alcohol bottles are not the only thing that can be recycled, you can also recycle unwanted gifts.

Organisations like Recycling For Good Causes offer a unique service that takes unwanted presents off your hands, recycles them and turns them into valuable funds. Recycling your unwanted Christmas gifts will not only be good for your conscious but the environment as well.

Return or exchange

If something isn’t quite your style, there is no harm in exchanging it for something you will actually make use of.

If you need the receipt in order to exchange the gift, try being honest with the person who sent you the gift. The conversation may be awkward but the person will appreciate your honesty and understand that the gift is simply not your style.

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Be cautious not to offend or hurt anyone’s feelings when expressing your dissatisfaction with a gift. Remember that gifts come from a good place regardless of how you feel about the actual items.

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