JOHANNESBURG – Good looking people – with their gorgeous faces, great smiles, smouldering eyes, sexy bodies and well, basically all round perfection – they are just so damn likeable!

Maybe too likeable?

Like, to the point where they literally get away with sh*t and nobody really cares or notices because, I mean, they are attractive and they can do no wrong!

Admit it, you’ve let a pretty face get away with a horrendous act because you were too busy staring or thirsting after them to notice that what they were doing was kinda not OK.

Yeah, society is f*#ked up and that’s sad, so while you ponder on that thought, here are some things only attractive people get away with.

1. Having a dry personality

Good looking people get away with being boring AF, (who needs a personality when you have devastatingly good looks?). This is because good looking people don’t necessarily have to develop a personality, because from the minute they enter a room people already want to be associated with them. They don’t necessarily have to work hard to get people’s attention; their looks do it for them.

2. Asking for favours

When an attractive person asks for a favour, you are less likely to say no, because they’re so pretty nd all you want to do is impress them, even when the favour is absolutely ridiculous.

3. Being quiet

When a good looking person is sitting alone in a corner and keeps to themselves it’s endearing, but when an ugly person does the same, they are weird.

4. Staring and plenty of it

Someone not good looking staring at you: CREEP! Someone attractive staring at you: Don’t just stare, come to me oh sexy beast.

5. Being downright shitty people

An attractive person can get away with being rude, selfish, and entitled, when a not so attractive person has the same characteristics? They are a**holes.

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