JOHANNESBURG – With the #FeesMustFall movement spotlighting the high price of education, many still aren’t aware that free education does exist, provided that you have access to the internet.

Most online courses provide offer an option to purchase certificates as proof of participation once courses are completed and test scores are met, which is still far cheaper than the university option. Here are the three best online courses to study.

Wits University and edX

The WitsX and edX in partnership with leading university around the world such as the Masachussets Institute of Technology and Harvard Univrsity, offer free courses with intensive university level studies such as Applied Physics and Nanophotonic Modeling. These courses come with the option of purchasing a certificate only once the course has been completed.

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FutureLearn offers a variety of courses from universities around the world using an open university system. Our local university involved is UCT which offers the following three courses: Education for all: disability, diversity and inclusion, Medicine and the Arts: Humaninsing Healthcare and What is a mind?

To be eligible for a Certificate of Achievement, you must complete 90% of the course, attempt every test question in the course, and score over 70% on average across all course tests. Be aware, if you plan on purchasing a certificate after course, you will need to pay in British pounds.

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This Ireland based company provides professional training for the workplace in South Africa. They offer 750 free courses in order to obtain a certificate or a diploma. Courses include Business and Enterprise skills, Digital literacy, ICT skills, school curriculum, financial and economic systems among others. Once the course is completed, you can download a record as your proof of accomplishment and also have the option of purchasing a certificate.

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